Through studying Computer Science at degree level, I had completed many assignments using a number of different languages. Below you will find work more closely related to web design and development.


In the Dynamic Web module was a CSS based assessment. For this assignment we had to reformat an existing web page by adding some very basic css style rules. Below are the rules we had to follow.

  1. The page background should be in a colour other than white
  2. The main title should be centered
  3. The em elements should be highlighted by being in a bold font and in colour
  4. The tt element should be in a different colour and also in a bold font
  5. The three buttons should be red, green and blue with white text
  6. The preformated block should be white with a black border and should have one centimeter gaps on the right and left, but no gaps at the top and bottom. There should also be a half centimeter gap between the enclosed text and the border
  7. The paragraph before the Links heading should be centred as a block, 4/5 of the width of the document and in a larger font than the other paragraphs

Click here to view the original CSS webpage

Click here to view the formatted CSS webpage

Sudoku (Javascript)

This particular assignment was focus on Javascript about the popular puzzle game, Sudoku. For this assignment we had to add some extra Javascript functionality to a simple Sudoku page. My task was to extend the Javascript so that it does not allow the user to break the Sudoku rule that the same number cannot be entered twice in the same row, column or 3x3 block. Any attempt to enter a number that breaks that rule should result in an alert box with a short message saying why it is not allowed.

Click here to view the original Sudoku webpage

Click here to view the formatted Sudoku webpage

Nature Reserve Website

This piece of work was the first time I touched upon HTML and CSS and, as a result, is a very basic website I created in my first year at University.

Click here to view the Nature Reserve website

WordPress site

A close friend of mine runs a small business and I was asked to design a website for him. The requirements of the site were to make it easy to navigate with a simplistic design. The purpose of the site is to act as a hub for prospective customers to contact the company. I use WordPress to design and maintain the site and provide basic monthly stats such as bounce rate, page views and number of users.

Click here to view the site